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Food Processing Equipment & System Specialists

INOX are a company engaged in providing food and liquid processing solutions.

As liquid food process engineers, INOX specialise in the design and manufacture of complete systems and equipment for the heating, cooling, and processing of dairy products, juices, sauces, soups, stocks, preserves and jams, slurries, specialised ingredients and any type of food products as well as the supply of quality made, and compliant equipment manufactured in Australia for the food processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Our ability is to successfully complete niche systems and equipment to these industries.

Completed projects include the installation, commissioning, electrical control/automation and after sales support.

Our manufacturing facilities, include a fully dedicated and ASSDA accredited stainless steel fabrication workshop all in one location in Epping, Melbourne, Australia.

INOX designs and manufactures specialised custom equipment such as pasteurising and cooling tunnels, liquid and powder mixing systems (INSTANTISER™), storage and mixing tanks, CIP/COP systems, de-aerators, pressure vessels, aseptic vessels, jacketed pressure and vacuum cooking equipment, blending and mixing equipment, and sterilisation equipment - retorts (Lagarde agent).

Inox is truly a one-stop shop in this industry. Process design experience and stainless steel fabrication know-how ensures that each system designed and manufactured at Inox is delivered with confidence and the customer has service backup.


When we could not find a good quality cooking vessel with our specific requirements, we commissioned INOX to build it for us. Thanks to the professionalism of INOX this was the easiest and least stressful decision we have made in our almost 25 years of manufacturing premium stocks and sauces. The combination of engineering expertise, quality of construction and the care taken with commissioning by INOX has given us a magnificent vessel that has boosted our manufacturing abilities immensely. Su O'Hoy Herrera - General Manager
Prestige Foods Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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61 3 9408 6697