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DELMAX MACHINERY is a leading provider of bottling systems and packaging solutions. Providing quality, well engineered and well built equipment to fulfil filling requirements for drinking water, dairy products, fruit juices, cooking oil, sauces, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other viscous fluids. Since 1990, Delmax Machinery is a dynamic, innovative company that continuously develops its staff to enhance the performance and efficiency of all Delmax Machinery equipment.

INOX is partnered with Delmax Machinery to supply filling and packaging equipment to the Australian food, dairy and beverage industry. Our decision to include Delmax Machinery within the INOX range of processing equipment is to further complete the supply of any food processing system for mixing, cooking, filling/packaging and cooling of food and liquid products.

Delmax Machinery is Certified ISO 9001 : 2008 and has been awarded Best Technology Award of Thailand.

Delmax Machinery

Rotary Filling

This machine type is combined with rinsing, filling and closuring station on a common base and all stations are driven by single motor.
Space / conveyor saving and enriches hygienic operation are allowed by shortening passages among 3 stations.
For the Neck Holder version it can run PET in various bottle sizes with less additional change parts than bottle lift-up version.

Delmax Machinery


In this type, 2 essential stations are combined in 1 frame. The matching of filling and closuring station is most suitable.

Delmax Machinery

Inline Filling Equipment

The inline filler is used to rinse / fill / cap various kinds of liquid products in the low range capacity which is suitable for small and medium production line.

Bottle size changing is easy, and cleaning is also simple.

Highly effective mixing with INOX Instantiser


For low viscosity and no-foamed products such as water.



Gravity Vacuum
For low viscosity products, vacuum system can prevent air bubble blocking and product dropping from filling head.



High Vacuum
For high viscosity and medium foamed products, but only glass bottles can be used with.



Pressure Filling
For low and medium viscosity products and this is the fastest filling system.



Volumetric Piston
For high and low viscosity products such as cream, shampoo, sauce and medical product.
Filling volume is very accuracy, and can be adjusted by setting stroke of cylinder.


Weight Checking
For weight control filling. Filling valve is controlled by high accuracy load cell, and suitable for variety of containers and sizes.

Rinsing Equipment

Rotary Rinsing System
Rotary rinser can run different sizes and types of bottles.
The bottles will be turned up side down by gripper heads and cleaning liquid (water / chemical / air) is injected into bottles by jet nozzles. The speed of the machine is mostly synchronized with downstream machine such as the filler at all speed.

Rotary Rinsing System

Inline Rinsing System
Inline rinser is more simple, and suitable for all sizes of container and low range speed need.

Rotary Rinsing System

Filling Equipment

Filling machine is the machine that able to fill the liquid with or without particles and high to low viscosity by 2 types of controller which are level fill and volumetric fill.

Capping Equipment

Rotary Capper
This machine is used for closuring bottles with various cap types such as ROPP, screw, press on, maxi, crown, cork, inner cap and foil /film with wide range of speed (high speed).

Inline Capper
This machine is used for closuring bottles with various cap types such as ROPP, screw, press on, maxi, crown, cork, inner cap and foil /film with wide range of speed (low speed).


Shrink Wrap Labelling Equipment

Sleeve & Shrink
Body / Cap shrink film inserting machine. This machine is used for applying shrink film onto the body as plastic label, and inserting shrink film onto capped bottles for tamper evidence.

With the speed of 200 bpm, manpower can be saved more and more. Besides, heat tunnel is available as an option of the machine.

Labelling Equipment

Rotary Labeller
This machine applies paper labels onto bottles with cold glue.
It can apply one label and up to 3 labels in different positions around the bottle.

Inline Labeller
This inline model is suitable for sticking one label around the bottle and can increase the speed up to 100 bpm with high accuracy.

Indexing Combination Table Equipment

This group of the machines can be the single system or combination of filler / capper / sealer systems on one indexing table.

This machine is suitable for 10-150 ml bottles of medicine and 50-450 g. plastic cups of yoghurt, juices and drinking water.

Semi Automatic Equipment

This group of machinery has a variety of single machines such as rinser, filler or capper on an independent base.

They are suitable for small businesses and laboratory facilities.

Independent operation and the ease of movement are the machine benefits.

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INOX provides local support for Delmax Machinery to the Australian market with manufacturing and servicing facilities located in Melbourne.

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