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NEW Inox Side Drive Instantiser
NEW Inox Side Drive Instantiser

INOX are excited to release our latest version of the already highly regarded high speed mixing system, the INOX INSTANTISER. Loading has never been easier and safer due to the reduced height of the machine.

While we have kept the heart of the INSTANTISER unchanged. Many other features have been included and introduced into a truly re-designed world class piece of equipment for the food processing industry.

Why change it, if it is already so successful? We have the exact same impellor shaft, mechanical seal and stationary seat design since we first started manufacturing the INSTANTISER ™  in 1998. This ensures spare parts from INOX is an easy and quick turn-around, since we keep several of these items in stock.

INSTANTISER is for high speed, high shear mixing. It has become a food industry household name. Many installations in Australia and Asia.

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So how have we made this better? We have incorporated many design features that are important to any food processing facility.

The lower sump area is a dishing that has such a small (and wide open) short leg to the outlet valve. This minimises the amount of ‘dead-leg’ product in the outlet tube. The length is as short as we have ever seen it.IMG_1856

This is just the beginning. A major overhaul of the overall look of the machine include clean lines that flow, nicely gapped areas that are easy to clean and many other smart features that together make a machine a success in its design and function ability.

Click here to open our new INOX Instantiser brochure and see many of the new design features and available sizes.

Link to all INOX product brochures click here


INOX is the exclusive Australian Distributor for high quality, cost effective stainless steel filling equipment from DELMAX Machinery Group.

Filling of bottles, cups, tubs, pouches is now available from INOX, which complete the food processing system supply for mixing-cooking-filling-pasteurising/cooling process product plant line.

INOX have sourced DELMAX Machinery from a global viewpoint of quality, cost, design flexibility, technical expertise, location, and effective service support, as well as local support from INOX in the Australian market backed by our own stainless steel manufacturing and technical facilities located in Melbourne.

Contact INOX +61 3 9408 6697 to discuss project and equipment supply backed by local technical support.

Visit the page on our website for an overview: filling and packaging webpage link

Download the DELMAX brochure and view company video from our website: brochure and video link

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