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INOX Tomato Sauce Bottle Cooling Tunnel

INOX specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of cooling tunnels for the food industry.IMG_0423

Our focus in this area is to provide a suitable thermal process to comply with local food and beverage processing requirements and to achieve optimum product quality, lasting shelf life and appearance of your filled product.


See here our video showcasing the design, manufacture, install, commissioning and production operation of a 10,000kg/hr tomato sauce cooling tunnel supplied by INOX

Contact INOX to arrange product testing and calculation of a suitable cooling tunnel to suit your requirements.

Visit our cooling tunnel page on our website for further information.


Heating food processing equipment with steam vs oil jackets

High temperature oil in a heating jacket  on a jacketed kettle (for example) does not necessarily mean a quicker product heat up time compared to a lower temperature steam jacket.

In the food industry there exists also the risk of oil contamination into the food product via a leaky connection or worse, a fractured or leaking jacket wall.

Steam jackets 

The most commonly used type of steam jacket consists simply of an outer cylinder surrounding the vessel. Steam circulates in the outer jacket, and condenses on the wall of the vessel. Jacketed vessels may also be lagged, or may contain an internal air space surrounding the jacket. This is to ensure that as little steam as possible condenses on the outer jacket wall, and that the heat is transferred inwards to the vessel.


Calculation parameters:

 · Assuming both vessels are hemispherical with volume of 1440 litres of water

· The surface area of a hemi with OD of 1400mm is 3m2.

· Both vessels heating water from 20 Deg C to 100 Deg C.

· Steam at 3 bar 145 Deg C and oil at 4 bar 200 deg C


 · Heat up times – Steam 45 minutes and Oil 48 Minutes

· Service flow rates – Steam 300 kg/hr and Oil 6000 kg/hr

It would seem safer and more efficient in adopting steam heated jackets for processing kettles.