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High Speed Dry Powder Mixing

The following video displays the high-speed mixing capabilities of INOX Blenders for dry powder mixing.

This example features a 3500L single shaft ribbon blender with 1000kg of salt + a small volume of colored salt acting as a tracer element. A homogeneous mixture is achieved in approximately 45 seconds. Impressive!!!

45 second homogeneous mix VIDEO

Furthermore, INOX blending equipment is constructed to the highest of engineering and construction standards. Including solid bar section main shaft and large, heavy spokes, high torque output drive, clean design, and easily maintained shaft seals. A new feature is the INOX split seal and pressure face adjusting seal arrangement.


Our focus and aims are to produce homogeneous mixtures of dry products in the shortest time possible. This is achieved by designing optimized equipment that can then endure the tough environment surrounding the need for high-speed mixing. Our blenders are designed to smoothly start up from zero RPM with a full product batch present, without motor stalling and without equipment breakage. Every time.

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All systems are tailored to customer requirements, on an individual basis. Flexibility in design is a specialty of INOX. Our expertise has seen blenders installed into Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, UK, Jamaica, and Canada.