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Website Launch – www.coolingtunnels.com.au

INOX has launched a specific website www.coolingtunnels.com.au that is designed to assist customers with an understanding of the pasteurising and cooling tunnel technology and equipment available from INOX for post hot-filled food products.


Food such as sauces, jams, condiments, beverages and other products that are packaged in glass, PET, jars, containers and even pouches. INOX provides the solutions and the technology available for all food processors.

Our expertise in the important area of food processing has seen INOX supply turnkey projects from product investigation, through to fully operational production installations across Australia, Philippines and Malaysia.

INOX are truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to post packaged pasteurisation and cooling.

As well as creating this specific website, INOX has made the initial customer enquiry process much easier to progress through to a budget design and quote stage. By filling out the simple questionairre, INOX engineers are immediately contacted and are supplied with the relevant detail required.

Innovative engineering for innovative food processors

IMG_9641.JPGOur goal of achieving true innovation is only achieved when we provide a process solution which:

  1. Innovates and differentiates the customers product.
  2. Streamlines and improves production to reduce operating costs.
  3. Increases productivity efficiencies resulting in higher return yields.
  4. Exposes the customers business to new markets and new customers as a direct result of our expertise and successful co-operation.

INOX provides high quality, well designed and custom made to order equipment and process systems to mix-cook-cool food and beverage products.

  1. INOX Instantiser liquid-powder mixing. Very Fast, homogeneous mixing resulting in product that is often more appealing and of higher quality than conventional mixing vessels.
  2. Cooking/heating with INOX steam jacketed kettles and pressure/vacuum processing systems.
  3. Continous Heating/cooking/cooling with our partner Kelstream – integrated and distributed by INOX in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand.
  4. Pasteurising and Cooling tunnel technology that has benefitted companies throughout Australia and Asia with Continuous production, flexibility and energy efficiencies by intelligent design solutions and customer product research and development.


www.instantiser.asia www.instantiser.com.my www.instantiser.com.au

www.coolingtunnels.asia www.coolingtunnels.com.my www.coolingtunnels.com.au